An item for self-awareness

It’s the prettiest guasha stone you’ve ever seen. 


If you have a heartbeat, you’ve probably heard of guasha and all of it’s benefits. Practiced in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) the guasha stone assists with maintaining the vitality and health in one’s skin, by assisting with proper lymphatic drainage. With the purchase of this item, it’s important for us to maintain the proper history of origins and use, so this item may serve you in the most optimal manner. 


With proper use, the guasha stone assists with improving the appearance of dull, dehydrated, and drooping skin. When gently used in an outward direction, you are assisting the proper lymphatic function of your body and not only improving the appearance of your skin, but also the health of your whole being. 


When using the prettiest stone we’ve ever seen (slightly biased opinion), take a moment to become aware of the origins of this practice which have been around for centuries. Our opalite guasha stone allows you to experience an ancient tradition, with a modern tool. 


With your purchase, 10% of our profits will go towards @stopaapihate an organization that was formed in response to the alarming escalation in xenophobia and bigotry resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, towards Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

An item for self-awareness


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