100% organic cotton tote reads SELF LOVE IS RADICAL in warped letters

What does it mean when I say “self-love is radical”? On one hand, we like to celebrate loving yourself entirely, and when you do, we think that’s rad as hell. 

On the other hand, we understand that when you do, it essentially goes against everything society has taught us. Your nose is too big, your skin is too dark, your hair is too much; that’s what society and the beauty industry has taught us, right? Especially minority populations. In turn, we look at self-love as an act of rebellion. Loving yourself wholly and truly, is a radical act of self-defiance. Telling yourself that you are incredible, just how you are is a radical form of living. We love that for you. 


We wanted to introduce our thoughtfully designed self-love is radical design, with the originators of radical self-love, Native Americans. Without much need to go into detail, we know what it’s taken to preserve their wellbeing and history in our country. 


For that reason, 10% of our profits will go towards the Native Wellness Institute. Founded in 2000 by a knowledgeable and dedicated group of Native individuals, including tribal leaders, committed to making a positive difference in Indian country, this institute exists to promote the well-being of Native people through programs and trainings that embrace the teachings and traditions of our ancestors. 


If there’s one message Native people have tried to relay to us in our lifetimes, it’s to protect our beautiful Earth. Do your part, by always ensuring you have a reusable tote at your disposable. This one just happens to be cute, small business created, Latina & Women- designed by Izabella Varela, & 100% recycled cotton. 

Grab yours now, at TheBarSkincare.com/shop & while you’re at it, check out our other SELF-LOVE STOCKROOM creations. 

An item for self-betterment


Hand wash gently with a non-toxic detergent + cold water.